Mest casts doubts on her true intentions, but Lucy digresses his notion, stating she'll believe in her words. In the flashback, Precht has released the child that was in Mavis' womb, dumping him in the middle of nowhere, which the child born of massive Magic Power learned to live on his own until he met Zeref. Wall then blows back in a counterattack, knocking back the Mage. Through the thoughts of their loved ones, the six other dragon slayers break free, with the Dragon King challenging the last of the dragon slayers.[130]. [52], As the sun rises, the battle to liberate Hargeon continues as the Lamia Scale-Mermaid Heel alliance rekindles battle with Dimaria and Wall's forces; the two Shields of Spriggan eager to do battle once again. At the same time, Brandish shrinks August's wound, who figures the Magic was of Irene's, who purposely reorganized the map of Fiore to get the Emperor closer to Fairy Heart, while banishing Acnologia to another location, which in turn changed the landscapes and territories of the country to benefit Alvarez. Mavis says she carries a likeness to her friend Zera, telling her to continue her task in order to fulfill in her plan. Zeref realized she never truly loved him, it's why the curse took her life instead of his. [98], As the entire guild lays defeated by the Wizard King, Jellal laments him and the others being disgraced by his opponent, who walks over to step down on him, wondering why someone who used to follow Zeref decided to face him. She then greets Brandish, admonishing and ordering her around after the two haven't met in so long. The shot slams right into Ajeel, destroying his ship in process. This was a sad episode all around. Worse yet, when Larcade goes back to try and help Zeref against Natsu, he has no problem taking him out, establishing himself as someone who very much would be cruel enough to destroy his own son for not obeying him. She quickly then buries the two, who are revealed to be enchanted swords, which shocks Mirajane as the one who was responsible for it, Irene, appears floating steadily behind her. Lucy reveals she managed to grab the capsule that was containing Marin and knocks him out by stepping on him. Zeref goes on to reveal that Mard Geer was the true creator of Tartaros, saying Natsu indirectly had a hand in the creation as well, which the latter gives an angry retribution to the Black Wizard, who pierces the Book of E.N.D, hurting Natsu in process. Ajeel prepares to kill them only for his men to knocked out and his ship to be sliced in half, dropping the part with the Dragon Slayers away from the Spriggan. They all feel Acnologia's presence so it incites Zeref to say Natsu will die here. He announces to her that their fellows Shields are all converging, which Irene stubbornly obliges. Rogue hastily tells Sting to plunge into the world of shadows to be able to heighten his senses, with the help of Kagura's Gravity Magic he able to succeed, racing towards the Spriggan 12 and able to counter his prowess. Back at their fight, the two Mages continue to exchange furious blows; Wall now completed his analysis of the Dragon Slayer, enacting the specific system changes, afterwards launching a blast of fire towards the latter. Erza and Lucy find themselves unable to use their Magic and, after being informed that all forms of Magic that involve dimensional manipulation are nullified by Marin's Spatial Magic, are forcibly teleported to his personal dimension. Irene then wonders if a Dragon could enchant a human with their Magic, thus Dragon Slayer Magic was born from the invention of Irene, stunning Erza and Wendy. [124], The contents of Natsu's book begins to overtake Lucy's body, with her screaming in agony from the heat. Freed then comes to bear that he has to dispel the runes in order to fight, which earns him a berating denial from Laxus: telling the Mage to not undo the barrier. Going to finish her, an enhanced Sherria defends the Dragon Slayer, engaging the God as she was the one who truly attained her Third Origin after pleading to Ultear to let her take on the Spriggan 12. [92], Arising from her sleep, Lucy awakens to see Natsu tied up as well as herself under some Magic Sealing Stones, which Dimaria appears to say that she was the one incarcerated the two of them. Lucy abject refuses to cooperate with Brandish's request; as all she just wants to know is what the relationship between her mother and Brandish is. Back and forth it goes on, leading Natsu to take charge to deliver a decisive blow of Gray; who prepares his own attack on Natsu, but both Mages are halted by a tearful Erza, who are belittled by the swordswoman for their foolish act of fighting one another. With Neinhart knocked down, Natsu turns to Brandish to tell her if they are not comrades he will fight her, but the Dragon Slayer quickly collapses due to Brandish to enlarging his tumor that she previously shrunk down. [105], Erza stands against Irene, telling her she will not let anyone who harms her family get away, which Irene says likewise, promoting the fact she only said her story to test her resolve, but it has not changed as she attacks her daughter. Meanwhile, in the guild hall Natsu is still in Zeref's clutches by the time Mavis arrives, saying that she will defeat Zeref, only for the latter to smirk that the final key to Neo Eclipse has finally arrived. Meredy is a young girl of short stature. As the trio of Kyôka, Azuma, and Ikaruga overwhelm her, they go on to tie her up; Kyôka taunting the latter while beginning to torture her once again, brutally wounding the Fairy Tail Mage. He later realizes that the Magic was in actuality the still active Curse of Ankhseram, which left Mavis' body in a state between life and death. By the ocean, Anna takes over the broken Christina to once more push Acnologia through the Space Between Time being that it is her 400 year plan, but cannot control the ship which allows Ichiya to take it over in her stead. Jellal awakens from his failed sacrifice; Jenny informing him that Anna and Ichiya have sacrificed their lives in order to abolish Acnologia. Zeref asks him to cease his Magic as it is bringing harm to his comrades, something the holy warrior apologizes for as he directly attacks Yukino, only for her to be save by Kagura. Laxus thanks the latter, charging at him as he has now nullified the particles in his body, which Wall becomes angry about; his frivolous personality setting now reverting back, claiming he cannot be beaten by lightning. Neinhart insulted at the latter's comments, sends a pulse of energy in the two's direction, knocking them in the ocean as Jellal saves Kagura. Natsu also recalls the words Igneel left him: to speak about the future, which shall become a thing that will ignite his will to live. At the same time, the woman is revealed to be Anna, whom of which Wendy remembers as she was her caretaker and teacher; the woman telling the others that she came to the future along with the five Dragon Slayers to defeat Acnologia. His main objective was to gain intelligence about the Western Continent, home of the Alvarez Empire, which attempted to invade Ishgar in X781 to obtain Lumen Histoire, but were dissuaded by the threat of Etherion and Face. Erza, using her good right hand, deflects off the ground as she flies directly to the prevent the impact of the meteor, this causing Irene to look in wonderment of her daughter's foolish tactic. [16], Mavis, ready to reveal her past with Zeref, The parties all return safely back to Magnolia and the guild hall celebrates the return of Makarov. Jacob begins to get weary of the task, forcing their hand as he proclaims he will start killing off their captured comrades one by one, but is quickly stuck in a rut after Lucy informs him that Brandish is among the captured. The Spriggan 12 then seals Sting as well as the entire area with a starvation Magic that immediately causes the Ishgar warriors to begin to devour each other without caution to stop. Fairy Tail: Drifting Tales (フェアリーテイル・漂語, Fearī Teiru Hyōgatari) is a reimagination of the canon Fairy Tail series written by Hiro Mashima.It consists of the author, Ashy's, personal touches and directions on the story from the completion of the Tartaros Arc … However, due to the tampering of his book, Lucy's body is affected by the contents, which causes both Happy and Gray to panic. But his little game soon ends with the arrival of his superior, the Shield of Spriggan Brandish μ, a woman whose humongous reserves of Magic Power absolutely terrify Gray. Wendy screams as her friend falls, but Ultear quickly stops her time to prevent her from dying. He then uses an assortment of attacks to throw Acnologia off balance but it is to not avail as the Black Dragon is able to consume any type of Magic, being that he is the Dragon of Magic. The Alvarez Empire arc is highly rated amongst, most of whom doubtlessly like some of the more emotional moments for many of the characters. [78], From all around Fiore, the beaming light began to dissipate, awakening Mavis from the confusion, as she quickly comes out to the lobby to see Zeref sitting in a chair, stunning her. Back at Fairy Tail, Zeref promises Mavis that with Neo Eclipse he will defeat Acnologia and make sure the future is safe, while Mavis states she doesn't want the world to be destroyed but falls to the ground. Mirajane wonders where Elfman is located, but is soon attacked by Juliet and Heine, retaliating against the duo, telling Lisanna to follow the guild members as she can handle the two of them. This leaving Natsu to question if she thinks he will let her freely accomplish that all while a scorn Dimaria overlooks this conversation. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Back towards their clash, Bloodman states that once the first and seconds seals have been crossed the Third Seal begins to open, leading to those who encounter him unable to ever return to the living, beginning to attack the duo with a barrage of Curses as he wields the powers from the Nine Demon Gates at his disposal. 438 - 545 Five days after the formal restoration of the Fairy Tail Guild, the members begin construction of their new building in the crater where their old building once stood. Natsu and Zeref's back and forth ends with both of them unleashing a powerful attack at one another, in attempts to finish each other off. Levy races towards Gajeel; the Dragon Slayer stopping her in her tracks but she denies his request, forcing him to nail her against a rock to protect her. [27], Lucy gets in the tub and Brandish confesses she's not very cute, going on to humiliate her by making her wear cat ears. Turning around to assure Levy, Bloodman quickly pulls the latter towards him, attempting to commit a double suicide as he drags down the Dragon Slayer with him. [114], Gildarts angrily charges for August after his provocation which August muses aloud that if it's known that a parent loves their child and vice versa why isn't the case the same with His Majesty's and his son. [91], As Irene is in the later stages of removing Fairy Heart, Zeref comes in the room asking her for some last waning moments with his former lover. Ever since the war in Fairy Tail started, a slight uprising of requests for a final review of this arc has been increasing. [50], Downed by his immense power, Warrod forgoes his regrets and begins to retaliate against the former God of Ishgar, entrapping him in his Green Magic. Erza pulls both of them closer, embracing them not long after thinking in her mind of the words of their deceased master, passing on their will to be a family to two them. Invel is impressed at this feat, but admits that Gray's darkness will start to slowly consume him, as he shown qualities of being a comrade of theirs. After the two exchange multiple blows, Natsu enters his Fire Dragon King Mode, which he declares that this one-time move will be what ends the Black Wizard. Lucy checks his heartbeat, which she confirms she cannot hear it, which garners Porlyusica to quickly attend to the Dragon Slayer, as she reveals an Anti-Ethernano Tumor has arose in his body, developing inside of him from a mass exertion of his Magic Power and that without surgery, he can perish from the mass contaminating his body. The Alvarez Empire arc is the seventeenth story arc of the Fairy Tail series. Mavis then runs away to the guild in tears, recalling Zeref's words. Erza also tells Wendy that Crime Sorcière will join their fight, having their own goal of taking down Zeref and his underlings. Back at the guild, Warren gives the shocking news that the guilds of Fiore's neighbor of Bosco have been wiped out by the Alvarez Imperial forces. Lucy then begins to replace the old letters, leading to Natsu to arise from the earlier strike to impede Zeref's plan once more. As Irene she disagrees, the real Zeref hurries in the room to tell her that's an illusion created by Mavis, with Irene noticing the Mavis on the table is an illusion as well, leading Zeref to order her to pursue the real body immediately. If that wasn't bad enough, he finds that over one million more forces are coming in from the East with three more knights. However, Alvarez fleet consisting of 50 ships assaulted the Guild's position from the air, using cloaking devices that inhibited Warren's radar, revealing themselves once they came in close proximity. At the same time though, everything goes stupid elsewhere, as Mest brainwashes Brandish and makes her attack August, the person she’s closest to, ruining any chance of peace between August and Fairy Tail. Neinhart continues on, explaining the nature of his Magic: Historia of the Dead, which can create actual undead apparitions of those who were ever encountered in the past of its target, summoning Kyôka as a measure of supremacy. As Mavis hears this, she realizes that there's virtually no chance of victory no matter what strategy she comes up with. [39], Fed up with his words, Natsu angrily charges at the Black Wizard, aware if he succeeds upon killing him he will die in conjunction. [58], Ultear's reappearance stuns the girls, as Dimaria concludes she was the perpetrator who negated her Magic but she reveals the time flow is still the same, explaining that she only exists in time-space valley; her body decaying away due to her not being able to maintain her form. He then tears up to say that they are friends and he must live. Thinking her actions futile, Ajeel forms a sand ax and goes to behead her. Precht recognizes the Black Wizard and that he is carrying the First Master on his arms. Aquarius, after bringing Lucy to the balcony, tells her about her key is somewhere in this world, however, she lets the latter know she won't be able to spare clues on its' location. In the midst of his barrage, a large crash comes down, splitting his Magic and land, as all wonder who has arrived, that person turning out to be Gildarts, who is hungry for the return of his guild. [112], With Gray's Lost Iced Shell in the process, Gray reminisces when he was Avatar it was then when he came to learn of adding lost attribute to his spells. As they watch the northern Fairy Tail faction do battle and begin to recover their fallen allies, Irene changes the current climate to suit her, while calling Bloodman and Larcade to arm themselves for battle against the newly arrived reinforcements. Makarov then reveals the intel about the known members of Spriggan 12: Invel, Ajeel, Dimaria, Brandish, God Serena, August, Wall Eehto, Bloodman and Neinhart. The group see that it's Blue Pegasus's airship with Laxus standing on it along with the rest of Gajeel's group aboard it. A shocked Lucy vehemently disagrees, but Brandish takes advantage of Lucy's naivety and leaps from her bed, where she begins to tearfully asphyxiate her. For the moment it seems the onslaught is contained and Freed being able to keep the shield up on his own. [87], Looking at one another in shock of the Winter General's Ice Lock, he commences the two to begin their battle to the death; the Fairy Tail Mages violently trading barbs at each other as Invel reminisces to a time when he asked Zeref of the pendant that he always wears around his neck, which contains a picture of his younger brother Natsu; the one who Invel wants Gray to defeat for His Majesty. She informs them that she doesn't want to hurt them but state she will annihilate all of her friends and that this war is over for them as the 12s along with the army are too much for them to handle. Concurrently, Kagura and Yukino look in shock from Larcade truly revealing his affiliation to Natsu and Zeref. Her uniform is a tight, purple leotard with brownish thigh-high boots that hav… Mavis orders Lucy and Cana to keep watch over Brandish while saying the rest of the remaining forces are to stand by for Zeref's incoming forces, coming in from the west. Gray later finds a sickened Laxus, questioning how long he has been suffering. God Serena admits he his former comrades are powerful, just as the Magic of Draculos paralyzes him into the ground; the vampirish Mage admonishing him, declaring his ego to be his downfall. However, the character even mindless turns out to be way too smart for Lucy’s plan and ruins it before it can even get going. On the outskirts, Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel are marching towards the town, the members in awe from Alvarez's vast imperial forces. Someone appears from the forest, turning out to be Sorano, who her and her younger sister are shocked at seeing one another. With the opening gained, Erza quickly delivers the finishing blow defeating him and dispelling the sandstorm. [4], Team Natsu attack the imperial troops at Caracole, Erza's exfil team sets sail for Alakitasia, deciding to resupply at Caracole Island and also get information from Mest's spy who is present there. After a bit of partying, Makarov gets everyone's attention and apologizes to them for his actions in disbanding the guild. [125], Natsu and Zeref continue to clash, with Natsu's fire being so hot that Zeref claims its splitting his own time, while desecrating the Dragon Slayer's arm. In the guild hall, Warren updates Mavis and Makarov on the state of the war, announcing that two of the 12 are downed but the eastern and western Alvarez forces are completely unaided by their forces, leaving them on a direct path to Fairy Tail. In Natsu's subconscious, Igneel appears to tell him that the reason of his timed death is occurring is because the counterpart to his Dragon Seed, aka Demon Seed in laymen terms, is fusing with one another, saddening the Dragon Slayer. However it failed, leading Irene to mercifully dump her daughter at Rosemary Village. Having found something to live for again through love after previously discarding the value of life, it was the ultimate contradiction of the curse, causing Mavis to die even though she was supposed to be impervious to death. [100], Sting's arrival brings to light the relationship between Natsu and Zeref towards Larcade, as denounced by Lector and Yukino, to which the Dragon Slayer curiously questions why the man carries the exact smell as Natsu. Kagura moves forward towards her brother, with Jellal halting her progress as he is only an illusion. This was a solid way to cap off the series. Wendy asks Erza to take care of the rest, which she glares at her mother with the idea of doing so. Leaderless, several ideas to locate the Sixth Master are proposed; however, Levy states that they require an immediate Guild Master to complete the legal procedures for the Guild's revival. Overlooking their disobedience, Mest then shares his memories about his undercover mission in the Magic Council. The child of Mavis, who is also Zeref's son, was eventually named "August" for the time Zeref and Mavis spent time together. In the north, Irene gleefully recalls of the old folk tale how the black and white angel once did battle upon Mt. She uses her power to make some of the soldier falls asleep. She commands Marin to free the women he has captured, intimidating the man into obedience by raising the entire island onto a pillar of rock. He then materializes a giant cannon and fires it, aiming for Fairy Tail's guild hall but it is blocked by the heroics of Ichiya, who uses Christina to shield the guild from the blast, destroying it in the process. But the Spriggan Guard responds by sending a gigantic sand tidal wave at them that'll disintegrate everything. L'Arc Arbaless est le 22 ème arc de la série et le 18 ème du manga. Natsu then quickly begins to depart, believing to know where Gray went, while meanwhile, the ice Mage appears at the doorstep of the guild, telling the man who is in his seat to depart at once, that person turning out to be Zeref. The Alvarez Mage then brings forth an utterly beaten Mest and engages Gray and Natsu in combat, easily outmaneuvering the two thanks to his expert combination of martial skills and teleportation. Kagura moves to unsheathe her sword, but slowly puts it down as she attempts to resuscitate her mortal enemy. [93], With Gray in his way, Natsu order the Devil Slayer to move, but the latter refuses, asking to confirm if he truly is E.N.D. or not. The Spriggan 12 shrugs off his notion, clashing with Gildarts as his fellow Shields begin to make their move to the battlefield, engaging with the newly-arrived Ishgar warriors alongside each other; Minerva—being among them—orders Yukino to search for Neinhart to stop his undead summons. [11], Zeref returns to his castle and orders for the Spriggan 12 to gather, he's met by four of them, including Invel, Dimaria Yesta, Ajeel Raml, and August, as well as Yajeel who directs him to Makarov, informing of his need to meet him. Back at their spar, with God Serena in surprise of his Magic continually to break, Gildarts blasts him back in a declaration of war, leading the pack of all the Fiore Mages heading towards the guild. Levy instantly notes down Erza as the Seventh Guild Master, much to the latter's surprise, and the approval of a member nobody seems to remember: Mest Gryder. It seems to work until Ajeel creates a sinkhole under the vehicle, intending to bury them in sand, all the while gloating of his superior power. As he closes in to finish him, Zeref gleefully recalls of all the benefactors that helped him reach this day: Igneel, Anna Heartfilia, Layla, Mavis, and lastly Natsu, whom all helped him towards obtaining his ultimate wish: being able to finally perish. Just as Yajeel mentions that dialogue with the emperor is rare due to his love of travel, crowds in the street begin to celebrate the return of their beloved sovereign. Jellal glares at the Spriggan 12 in fury over his misdeed while Neinhart, still in curiosity, remarks the vaguely familiar presence to that of Irene in the knightly woman. More Fairy Tail! Irene falls to the ground and Erza looks in disbelief and awe at the event that occurred. Elsewhere, some Lamia Scale Mages harass a captured Dimaria, but their souls are taken away as her comrade, Larcade, has come to her rescue. Lucy violently questions her methods which Brandish retorts that he simply an enemy, beginning her soliloquy on needing to confirm and settle her inner differences, prompting Lucy to engage her swiftly in battle. [51], As they watch Acnologia depart, Jacob moves in effort to assault the former, but August tells him to stand down as they cannot do anything, and that they need to make haste with retrieving Fairy Heart as it might be their only hope. Sherria begins to take out some foot soldiers, not long after her clothes begin to tear away from the swipe of Dimaria's blade. She then returns to her fleet after shrinking the island to a mere pebble as warning to stay away from her Empire. Lover of all things obscure, Sage Ashford has also written for Comicon. Invel continues to back up this notion, with Gray silencing him by saying that he'll do whatever he needs to protect his family, being evil among them those options. Zeref sees her in pain, wishing for her not to suffer but Irene denounces his caution, saying that if he continues with that attitude he will never be able to overcome Acnologia; this causing Zeref to agree with her statement as departs the room. [18], Mavis then attends the moment of Makarov's birth in the guild and becomes his godmother. Invel then takes the opportunity to place an Ice Lock upon Gray and Juvia, telling them that those under this Magic are controlled like puppets, and the only option to break it is if one or the other perishes. When she discovers Zeref again it almost seems like a happy moment... until the curse even takes that away, refusing to allow them to be together. Back in Fairy Tail, Warren has established his radar facility that is supposed to detect enemy forces advancing around Magnolia. on Natsu to aid his father's wish of killing him. Irene begins to fly and make use of her new-attained Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, all while noting she'll take the new persona of Wendy Belserion. [84], The long-awaited arrival of Gildarts has his fellow guild members in glee; with God Serena muted in silence before him. August goes to stab Cana, which Gildarts defends her, thrusting himself towards the powerful Mage which Cana yells in fear for his life. Irene still standing grabs Erza's sword and begins to walk towards her to finish her but then is inflicted with the memories of her daughter and her past, which due to not being a viable vessel for her, places Erza in Rosemary which completes saddens her. He begins to use his Magic Pleasure, which attacks all who have experienced the forbidden pleasure of life, which engulfs many of the warriors on the battlefield, his allies included. Lucy figures out a way to capture Acnologia’s body and throw him off balance. Soon after, Natsu reunites with them and after rejoicing they four begin to head to the guild. Zera then telepathically contacts the members of the guild to hurry back to the guild hall as their mother, Mavis, is in danger. As both of them fall to ground from their attempted act of suicide, Gray arises with the feeling of Juvia's blood within his body, learning from her that she secretly trained a blood transfusion spell to save Gray's life, if indeed this very occasion ever was made into a reality. Happy stops the Dragon Slayer, sobbingly stating he cannot go on to live without his friend while hurriedly flying him to the guild, as Zeref concurs that his younger brother is no longer capable of stopping him. Arbaless doit à ce jour son titre de puissance i… Episodes Gray moves to attack him but is quickly throttled by the Winter General, who casts doubt that his ice can defeat his own winter. Meanwhile, Mavis has Alzack and Bisca ready a Jupiter Cannon in the hopes of taking down the main ship. Not every episode was great and it can be argued that the previous arc had a much stronger climax overall. [71], On the trail to encounter August, Natsu ponders of August's strength, which causes Brandish to say he would be obliterated the minute they battle. Come from Ichiya 's Thunder Perfume, but eventually complies Shields are converging... Irene falls to the guild the mirages of Wendy 's close moments with her protect Magnolia against Machias... Proves futile against the Spriggan 12 surprised, Wolfheim attacks him in the Hills... They 'll return to their guild in tears, recalling Zeref 's toys Shields all! Erza since even with her strength, it ’ s body and him. Activates the curse took her life instead of his then says she carries a likeness her! About the two have n't met in so long disturbing truth about Makarov Dreyar 's disbanding of the massive.... While stating that Lucy left an impression on her body back up on his.... Her own but Ajeel surrounds her with a Sensory Link to combine their own goal of taking down and! Mentions he is only an illusion turns to her fleet after shrinking island! Ex Eileen and Gajeel 's Squad begins to get away beam that goes through the use of Enchantments, her. Started the weekly reading deliver a major sand attack on the scene Wendy boosts Erza 's sets! Tells Gray not to tell the others to have faith in their,. Typical brawl erupts between the guild in the process when she denied returning her body back the big points! Seeing this Mavis tries to come up with a plan, as she continues on to that. 'S Book only to be caught up in it inflict pleasure on anyone that ’ s development... God when he uses this move, managing to grab the capsule that was containing and! To yell at Mest, who her and Zeref false, with 's., repelling their initial forces her position as guild master, precht blade, shocking present... Swiftly kill the Sky Sisters, clicking her teeth as she attempts to resuscitate her mortal.... Damaged his body becomes his godmother she then returns to her that their action in the Council. Boosters, speedily trying to slow Ajeel down with their plans likeness to her to run outside it Natsu! Which Irene stubbornly obliges remembers all of Wendy 's body in the underground prison, Brandish out! The situation of Alvarez invading Ishgar him to cease it immediately help— shocking. See his daughter killed in front of him, which Zeref says it is crucial to your... Started discussing the situation of Alvarez invading Ishgar Tail Mages Layla asks the king destroy! Against all the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers Gray and,... Her apartment, then prepare for the moment of Makarov 's birth the. [ 24 ], Erza continues her attack with Ajeel surprised a sword could actually damaged his.!, Kagura and Yukino look in shock from Larcade truly revealing his affiliation to Natsu 's history failed... It 'll be a difficult fight Sealing Stones cuffs and shackles by summoning land. Force in the Magic Council 's headquarters, Levy officially finalizes the rebirth of Fairy take. Mavis quickly has the bell rung to alert the others to have numerous characters fly out that Lucy hurry! Arrives to rescue the stranded population of the arc, Mavis and Zeref let Ajeel hurt them only who... Who has his forces march into the city to viciously stomp on her body back motion sickness they. Has Alzack and Bisca ready a Jupiter Cannon in his heart arc 's plot, Lucy. But dust apparition appears after Zeref 's toys no chance of victory no matter what strategy she comes up a! Decoding Natsu 's anger former Caracole island 's toys could perform said ability, violently attacking the two reunite her! To attack, Laxus appears from behind and hammers him ; Wall then absorbs attack. Of origin Japan no for help— utterly shocking everyone present waters of Hargeon, Erza and Ajeel square.! Acnologia meanwhile is still hunting down Wendy, which Irene stubbornly obliges to rewrite history has penetrated! Tub who states that he will not allow another tomorrow for Fairy Tail started, slight... Break into her place, and the Strauss Siblings find themselves outnumbered by the Spriggan Guard by!