The Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation announced a one-day strike for this Thursday, but it does not impact schools in Waterloo region, Guelph or Wellington County. Indeed, in the two-plus decades between 1992 and 2014, even as teacher salaries declined across the land by two percent, inflation-adjusted per-pupil spending actually grew by 27 percent. Now, it’s wholly true that Arizona has modestly cut school spending over the past decade and that Oklahoma’s per-pupil spending is flat over that same span, but the notion that taxpayers are defunding schools is just wrong. About 200 teachers participate in a rally outside Denver Public School headquarters in downtown Denver, Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019. Whoever won the Chicago teachers’ strike, however you analyze it, one thing we know: students lost—they lost hours and seven days of instruction, they lost confidence in the public schools to provide a safe environment, conducive to learning, and especially for young students, they lost the excitement of a new school year. There have been between Second, the notion that stingy taxpayers are to blame for stagnant teacher pay is hard to credit—despite frenzied media coverage suggesting just that. TORONTO -- … When you take a cost of living adjustment for the members and add it up over three total years you end up at a figure that is around $200 million. Teachers have overwhelmingly voted to strike but their plans to walk off the job have been placed on hold after the district asked the state to intervene. I hold an M.Ed. A full list of services that will be impacted by the job action is on the ETFO website. in teaching and curriculum and a Ph.D. in government from Harvard University. NOTE: Detail may not sum to totals because of rounding and because some data are not shown. Thousands participate in a protest at the Arizona state capitol for higher teacher pay and school funding. Negotiations between the Ontario Secondary … OSSTF members held a similar one-day strike last week that resulted in school closures across the province. in the two-plus decades between 1992 and 2014. In Oklahoma, over that same stretch, a 26-percent increase in real per-pupil spending translated only into a four-percent salary boost for teachers. My books include "Spinning Wheels," "Common Sense. I’m director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, where I study K-12 and higher education. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Back To School 2020: Expectations Gaps Loom Large. Teacher negotiations, sanctions, and strikes are very much a part of the reality of operating public schools. Last week Lecce said that the $1.5 billion figure includes a two per cent increase for all education workers in Ontario for at least three years in addition to an increase of benefits of six per cent annually. How Is The Shift To Learning At Home Going? $349 Billion In Forgivable Paycheck Protection Loans For Nonprofits. The contours of such a deal aren’t that hard to see, though they’re far tougher to enact. The strikes and walkouts included a lot of school districts, but also big corporate names like AT&T and Marriott. Given all the claims and confusion surrounding these developments, it’s worth taking a moment to explain what’s going on, why both teachers and taxpayers have valid complaints, and how understanding all this can help point the way forward. In the states where teachers have walked out, average pay is generally substantially lower than that. They work 194 school days. However, if you’re looking at public school teachers, their salaries are public for each district based on a rubric. And Oklahoma saw a 17-percent growth in enrollment accompanied by a 36-percent increase in non-teaching staff. “Teacher strikes are illegal for a reason: they negatively impact the academic achievement and emotional well-being of students,” the LJC’s demand letter to the FEA and the school district said. Who owns that data? “We are being reasonable; we are trying to put students at the centre of this discussion. Stop Threatening Them For Political Show. Gallup: Parents Give Schools Low Marks On Reopening Plans. Secondary school teachers will strike again in June in two waves of industrial action. In any event, I’ll try sketch them in my next column. At the high school level, students are in the midst of preparing for Advanced Placement exams, college applications, and/or a sports scholarship-- all of which they need their teachers for. TORONTO -- Ontario public high school teachers at select boards across the province are participating in their second one-day strike of the month. I’ve edited academic volumes on topics including education philanthropy, educational entrepreneurship, college costs, educational research, the Common Core and the politically correct university. Here's what you need to know about today's job action: The one-day strike will impact nine school boards, including the Toronto District School Board. The Sedro-Woolley teachers union will move forward, along with 11 school districts, with its strike scheduled for tomorrow. My work has appeared in scholarly outlets such as Urban Affairs Review, Harvard Education Review and Social Science Quarterly, and popular outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, National Review and The Hill. Teachers will hold information pickets in front of schools across the province as well as in front of MPP offices. This spring has been marked by a remarkable phenomenon: the first statewide teacher strikes in recent memory. "Our efforts at the bargaining table and our job actions to this point have yielded virtually no progress," OSSTF President Harvey Bischof said in a statement last week. While some of these hires can represent a good investment, many represent little more than administrative bloat—and their sheer numbers soak up dollars that could otherwise fund teacher pay. Teacher pay is mediocre for college-educated professionals, and has fallen over time. New tech products featured at this year's virtual Consumer Electronics Show, Markham, Ont. Many teachers and parents feel the "soul of public education" is on the line; if demands aren't met, the education of future generations is at stake. Teachers rally at the state capitol in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 4, 2018 (J PAT... [+] CARTER/AFP/Getty Images). The main issues on the table include wages, an increase in the average class sizes and mandatory online courses. Meanwhile, as organizations add employees, it becomes harder to pay them all well. Nationally, while student enrollment grew 20 percent over that period, non-teaching staff grew by 47 percent. My message to OSSTF is clear: cancel this needless strike,” he said in the Legislature on Tuesday. The response rate is below 50 percent. Employees cannot use sick leave to participate in a strike since A.C.A.§6-17-1204 (d) states, “A teacher shall be entitled to sick leave only for reasons of personal illness or illness in his or her immediate family.” In the case of Kentucky, where teachers have been fighting pension reform, Aldeman has calculated that if the state wasn’t forced to spend vast sums paying down pension debt, teacher salaries would be $11,400 higher today. Your car knows a lot about you. Even as teachers are frustrated by their take-home pay, their total compensation is a lot higher than many realize. Luke Henke, a high school math teacher in the Columbus Unified School District in Kansas, tends to fall into that category. Here’s How To Apply. I write about policy and practice in K-12 and higher education. After starting in West Virginia, things spread to Kentucky, Oklahoma, and most recently to Arizona and Colorado. Protesting teachers wave at passing cars outside Poca High School in Poca, W.Va., last month. List of school boards that will be affected by the strike: Members of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) have started to ramp up their work-to-rule campaign. Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce has continuously called the job action “unacceptable” and called on the union to enter third-party mediation. Use of this Website assumes acceptance of Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, Published Tuesday, December 10, 2019 1:40PM EST, Last Updated Monday, December 16, 2019 2:19PM EST, Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation, Ontario extends nearly all emergency orders under Reopening Ontario Act another 30 days, Police make arrests, disperse big crowd of anti-lockdown protesters in downtown Toronto, Ontario reports more than 3,000 new COVID-19 cases, 51 additional deaths, Shooting in Brampton leaves two men injured, one critically, GM Canada announces tentative deal for $1 billion electric vehicle plant in Ontario, Ontario allows second dose of COVID-19 vaccine to be delayed amid shortage, Ont. As part of the second phase, teachers will no longer participate in any evaluation processes, prepare bulletin boards, attend meetings outside of the instructional day or purchase supplies on their own time. On Saturday , Jay Inslee and Democrat House Speaker Frank Chopp both participated in a teachers’ rally organized by the WEA – a union that contributed $1 million to elect Inslee in 2012 – at the Capitol in Olympia. That’s because teacher retirement and health-care benefits are far more generous than those of the taxpayers who pay for them. If the school district shuts down, employees will not be paid during that time, regardless of their support for a strike. Teachers of the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario wave to honking cars as they participate in a full withdrawal of services strike in Toronto on January 20, 2020. Teachers across the Mountain State held their second strike in a year. strike. If teachers want sustainable pay increases and more than stopgap Band-Aids, school spending needs to be tackled in a way that addresses the concerns of teachers, taxpayers, and students. I’m a former high school social studies teacher and teach or have taught at the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Georgetown, Rice, and the University of Virginia. Multi-Platform Writer, CTV News Toronto. There are a lot of opinions about teacher strikes, and strikes in general – especially when it comes to effecting children and their education. 40 Million Students In 4 Days. As Grant Addison and I have noted in the case of West Virginia, “If teacher salaries had simply increased at the same rate as per-pupil spending, teacher salaries would have increased more than $17,000 since 1992—to an average of more than $63,000 today.”. © 2021 Forbes Media LLC. On a typical weekday, parents rely on their kids going to school while they are at work. What Happens Next? The strikes have been greeted with glowing press coverage and a remarkable degree of public support. Published: 21 Jun 2019 Teachers want climate crisis training, poll shows. "We have no choice but to continue our efforts.". For instance, Kentucky’s teachers rank 29th nationally at $52,338; Arizona’s teachers 44th at $47,403; West Virginia’s 49th, at $45,555; and Oklahoma’s 50th, at $45,292. The five states with the largest wage penalties for teachers, they found – Arizona, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Colorado and Virginia – all experienced protests or strikes in 2018. I have heard of strikes lasting 9 — not sure if that included weekend days or was just school days). While it’s not unreasonable to argue that we should have increased school spending in recent years more than we have, it’s a mistake to blame stagnant teacher pay on a lack of taxpayer support. Katherine DeClerq Think about the day-to-day impact. Teachers expressed frustration about not being given a larger opportunity to participate in the negotiation process, and demanded more funding for textbooks and school programming. Contract talks continue between Catholic school teachers in the New York Archdiocese, as teachers at individual schools vote to participate in one-day strikes… According to data tracked by the National Education Association (NEA), in 2016–2017, the most recent year for which data are available, average teacher pay nationally was $59,660. School did not participate in free or reduced-price lunch program: 124,500 : 50.1 ‡ Reporting standards not met. In Kentucky and West Virginia, over that same period, teacher pay fell by three percent even as real per-pupil spending increased by more than 35 percent. Third, teachers have raced to defend two of the big culprits responsible for their stagnant pay: costly employee benefits packages and added ranks of non-instructional staff. We are having teachers strikes in Ontario currently and I think the teachers are spoilt and selfish. The government is clearly aggregating the cost of the entire education sector for whom we don’t negotiate and trying to make us bear the responsibility for that cost,” he said. Bischof told CP24 on Tuesday that the claim is “inflammatory” and false. A wave of teacher strikes spread throughout the country in 2018. The … For some teachers, this week's rotating strikes in Ontario are a chilling reminder of the school fallout of 1995-2002, when Mike Harris was premier. In January of 2019, the country's second-largest school district joined the ranks, followed by the nation's third-largest district in October of the same year. Ontario public high school teachers at select boards across the province are participating in their second one-day strike of the month. A rally of close to 2,000 students, teachers and parents was held at Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland on Thursday during a one-day strike of teachers in the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). While there are great variations throughout the country in the intensity of teacher militancy, no school system can escape the necessity of responding to … There’s a big disconnect; taxpayers see dollars flowing out of their wallets, but current teachers don’t see those funds showing up in their paychecks. If teachers want sustainable pay increases and more than stopgap Band-Aids, school spending needs to be tackled in a way that addresses the concerns of teachers, taxpayers, and students. Negotiations between the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) and the province have stalled, with both sides claiming the other is not bringing any new proposals to the table. Teachers in three Skagit County school districts will participate in one-day strikes within the next week to protest actions of the state Legislature, with Anacortes teachers most recently joining the Lecce has continuously brought up compensation as the main issue in the union negotiations, saying that the wage increase would cost taxpayers $1.5 billion. If the union calls for another strike, legal action pushing school board members to fire teachers and union leaders will follow, the LJC warned. Schools Are Planning To Reopen. restaurant out about $60K in sales after DoorDash questions some orders, COVID-19 insurance is available, but industry encourages Canadians to stay home, City of Vaughan closes skating rinks, toboggan hill and dog park amid stay-at home order, 'It hurts and I'm scared': Ontario hospitals struggle amid COVID-19 surge as patients wait for life-saving surgeries, TTC facing calls from riders, operators for better safety measures, COVID-19 inspection blitz to take place at big box stores in GTA amid lockdown, Some Toronto-area school boards experiencing technical difficulties with remote learning, 'We did not want to waste them': Top Ontario vaccine official says after non-front-line staff get shot, Fauci says U.S. will likely return to 'some degree of normality' at same time as Canada, Canadians leaving big cities at record numbers: Statistics Canada, Biden outlines 'Day One' plan to undo some of Trump's signature decisions, Canada surpasses 700,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, Canada's spy-catching system caused delay, angst in Delisle case: former FBI official, Chinese city reports coronavirus found on ice cream, ‘COVID Elvis’ spreads joy in a polyester jumpsuit, 108-year-old Wis. woman beats her battle with COVID-19, What's a polar vortex? Survey says teachers feel ill-equipped to educate pupils, as school strikes continue. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. The strikes, Bischof said, are meant to “draw further attention to this government’s destruction cuts to the education system.”. The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario has announced teachers at major school boards in Toronto, York and Ottawa will “participate in a full withdrawal of services strike” on Monday. I’m director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, where I study K-12 and higher education. The OSSTF has previously offered to delay the one-day strike in exchange for the lower class sizes, the removal of mandatory classes and a discussion on compensation. “It is simple math. Teachers in the nation’s third-largest school district are on strike, indefinitely canceling classes for more than a quarter of a million students. As former Obama-administration official Chad Aldeman has observed, “While the average civilian employee receives $1.78 for retirement benefits per hour of work, public school teachers receive $6.22 per hour in retirement compensation.” Between 2003 and 2014, even as teacher salaries declined, per-teacher average benefits spending increased from $14,000 to $21,000—much of which goes to paying down pension debt rather than benefits for current teachers. What You Can Do To Support Struggling Families Now. Students who miss school for climate change protests should escape detentions and exclusions, teachers have said, defying calls from a headteachers’ … You may opt-out by. While disruptive to the lives of students and families, teacher strikes are fairly rare. conducting inspection blitz on big-box stores, Thousands of businesses apply for funding, Homeless faced with new challenges during pandemic, American troops deployed to D.C. ahead of Inauguration Day, This exhibit sends people back to the Jurassic period, MPP booted from PC caucus over COVID-19 comments, Vehicle prices in Canada hit all-time high with average topping $40,000, New Ontario law will allow only 60 days for possible slip and fall claim. TORONTO – Schools in 16 boards across Ontario will be closed today, as the union representing public high school teachers holds another one … Moving Beyond Education’s Apollo 13 Moment: What’s Next? Teacher pay declined by two percent in real terms (after adjusting for inflation) between 1992 and 2014. Nathan Denette/THE CANADIAN PRESS Teachers with the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario participate in a strike in Toronto on Monday. These are the answers to your top questions, Toronto restaurant offering free burgers to seniors and the homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario university student learns to sew 'winter bundles' for people experiencing homelessness, Virtual celebration held for Mississauga man’s 100th birthday, 'A smile doesn't cost': Ontario Tim Hortons worker shocked community raised over $20K for him, Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board, Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board, Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board. So you can search your specific district teacher salaries. The story is similar in other strike states: In Kentucky, over that same stretch, enrollment grew by seven percent while the non-teaching workforce grew at nearly six times that rate—by a remarkable 41 percent. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The number of workers involved, 485,000, was the … The provincial government passed a bill that caps public sector wage increases at one per cent over the next three years, something Bischof said showed the government was not interested in negotiating in good faith. Where's why they're not all the same, 'Heads are going to roll' over security breach, OPP reveals how it is enforcing Ontario's stay-at-home order, Ontario addresses confusion about new stay-at-home rules. The 2018–19 education workers' strikes in the United States began on February 22, 2018, after local activists compelled the West Virginia state leadership of the West Virginia branches of the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association into holding a strike vote. 65% Of Teachers Used EdTech Every Day In 2019. First off, the teachers have a legitimate concern. My books include "Spinning Wheels," "Common Sense School Reform," "The Same Thing Over and Over," "Cage-Busting Leadership," "The Cage-Busting Teacher" and "Letters to a Young Education Reformer." The issues are salary, big class sizes and e-learning classes.As far as wages, teachers make between $50,000 to $100,000 here a year. Yet, in West Virginia, while student enrollment fell by 12 percent between 1992 and 2014, the number of non-teaching staff actually grew by ten percent. Here’s Why That Matters.