But this being a holiday, I was up and looking out my window thinking that it wasn't hot yet and this was my chance. “Every day you have the opportunity to learn and experience some-thing and some-one new. It could be a new hobby that makes you happy, or a work that you know will lead you to your dream life. 2. Well learning a new thing would get you to improve and increase on your knowledge base of things you know that you can apply every day for the betterment of your life. Imagine feeling a sense of accomplishment after taking the time to learn something new. "If you learn something new every day, you can..." - Martha Stewart quotes from BrainyQuote.com I will share here my own personal experience, my struggles, and the rewards of making an effort everyday to learn something new. Learning something new everyday is exciting and rewarding. Learning Makes You More Interesting to Others: You’ll always have something to talk about at parties. Seize the opportunity. 11 Ways to Learn Something New Every Day. I run in the afternoons most days, and by then it's too hot to run outside. By Kate Luther on 13 March 2014 2 comments. The Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome were required to keep a sacred fire burning. Just think about the most successful people in the world. Can Relate to More People: The more you know, the more likely you are to find something in common with others. Want to do something cool in 2020? Empathy also helps bridge gaps in communication. Hoping % I inspire you to learn something new … Maybe you can’t learn and instrument or another language in five minutes a day but you can certainly learn a new word to add to your vocabulary, and the … Adam Burroughs: Every day there’s a chance to learn something new By: SBN Staff | 7:49am EDT May 5, 2014 11:42am EDT May 28, 2014 One of the best parts of my job is that I get to learn … Maybe I want to solve puzzles. Learn something new every day. So today I want to share what I learned. One of the best ways to leverage your spare time in the upcoming year is to learn a new skill. Those who consistently succeed are those who are best at learning new skills. ancient-origins.net. Yes — because for me, learning new things is an absolute necessity. Maybe I want to give my brain more things to think about. The extra time I put everyday to figure out, paid off. I happen to like this feeling. Learn and experience everything you can, and use it to change the world.” One thing is for sure. Learning new … I remind myself that tomorrow, I will be someone who didn't exist yesterday. Builds Self-Esteem: Practice makes perfect, and when we see ourselves mastering new knowledge and skills, we … Maybe I don’t like the status quo. I discovered something else. Every day is a chance to learn something about ourselves, our minds and our bodies. Learning something new can be challenging and fun. Learning something new means you have to abandon, for a little while at least, the familiar and comforting. Maybe I’m curious. Usually, I run indoors. Successful people make the commitment to dedicate their spare time in the pursuit of learning (instead of … Like if you know how to change a car tire, you will honestly not call a mechanic for that but only if you decided to learn something new that you didn’t know.